Rapid-Q Original Documentation by William Yu 1999-2000    Contributors- Stanescu Serban, Andrew Shelkovenko, D. Glodt, Jacques Phillip, John Kelly, and many others

is a Visual BASIC-like programming language for the 32-bit multiplatform (Windows, Linux, and Unix). It provides graphical user interfaces (GUI) and CONSOLE programs. Rapid-Q compiles your BASIC source code into a stand-alone application (minimum size 200kb). The program is made up of byte-code with its own interpreter attached. The byte code can also be run by a separate Rapid-Q program to allow for flexible, dynamic programing. The compiler supports partial object-oriented programming. Rapid-Q is designed to be easy to use, easy to program and compile.The complete package is FREE. There is no license needed to create your own programs. There are several IDEs to choose from, including a Form designer and a debugger. Rapid-Q offers object/component creation, function pointers, procedures with infinite parameters, variants, while still maintaining all the fundamental features of the BASIC language.

The Rapid-Q compiler was written and developed by William Yu. The final release of the software was in BETA testing stage. However, Mr. Yu sold the rights to RealBASIC(c). The compiler will never become "open source." Although Rapid-Q was released in Beta stage it is fully functional! Rapid-Q can make programs of significant complexity with little coding.

The best way to learn is by example. The beauty of Rapid-Q is its simplicity.
Look at this code to make a 'hello window' window application.

'text behind a comma is treated as a comment
'make a form called Form

   Caption = "Hello World"
   Width = 640  'set its size
   Height = 480

'now we run the application

That is all! A lot of sample programs and documentation are found in this website. Just explore or use the search button.

The Future of Rapid-Q RapidQ still runs under Windows 10 (64-bit version) and Mac OSX under WINE. Let's see how long it can go! There is still a large community of contributors to the Rapid-Q language.