Rapid-Q Downloads

Download the entire binarys, documentation, and example code for Windows (98 to  Windows 8) package here:
Rapidq2.zip       (25 MB,   last update 8/18/2013)

Instead you can load separate parts of the package in smaller amounts

* The compiler , libraries, and icons. Latest Libs
  (4.5 MB,  5/20/2013)

* The compiled html documents into one RapidQ.chm file (1 MB, 9/3/2011)
**note** win32_2.hlp  file has been removed. Please use the MSDN  for windows API documentation.

How do I install RapidQ?
Easy, just open the zip file and drag the RapidQ folder to your preferred directory (default for most installations is C:\
  Run Rapidq.exe, load an example .bas file, then click the F5 key
  For advanced projects run FreeQ.exe

How do I uninstall RapidQ?
Why just delete the RapidQ folder.