Here is full "Expert mode" with object panel on the left and project navigation on the right.
Notice there are additional panels for SUBs / FUNCTIONs, multifile /project find, Include file and resource list
The "widget panel" at the top left inserts RapidQ code for the object, which can be customized. Notice the
autocomplete form (showing autocomplete form after typing "QB") is accessed by press ctrl-period.

FreeQ IDE running on iMac OSX 10.8 under WINE! Here is the bitmap resize sample program compiled and running under WINE. You have full access to the Mac high resolution screen, the clipboard, and more. You do have to work around the right mouse click issue.

Menus under Vista

Custom options panel



Now you can set the default language. If you pick FreeBasic then the Freebasic compiler will be called by default.