GETCAPTUREWindows API Call in RapidQ2.INCWindows

Windows API that retrieves the handle of the window (if any) that has captured the mouse. Only one window at a time can capture the mouse; this window receives mouse input whether or not the cursor is within its borders.  This is a keyword in RAPIDQ2.INC

Syntax: Handle = GETCAPTURE
DIM theHandle AS LONG
theHandle = GETCAPTURE
IF theHandle = Canvas.Handle THEN SHOWMESSAGE "Button is inside picture"

A value of 0 means the current program has not captured the mouse. Use the ReleaseCapture function to releases the mouse capture from a window in the current program and restore normal mouse input processing. A window that has captured the mouse receives all mouse input, regardless of the position of the cursor, except when a mouse button is clicked while the cursor hot spot is in the window of another thread.