QListviewEx Component
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A bit complex, but with a lot of enhancements. Sorting, filtering, fastclear. Data can be loaded from (and saved to) files, Qmemorystream, Qfilestream. Support for CSV files. Very flexible layout. This component is included in RAPIDQ2.INC. See Limitations

QListViewEx Structure

Above you can see a "section" of the QListviewEx component

QlistviewEx is made by 4 components

- ParentPanel (Blue) is the main container, if you want to resize QlistviewEx you have to resize it. Other components will follow almost automatically
- Header (Red) contains new-style column headers
- QlistviewEx (Green) is the Qlistview component itself
- Colheader (Yellow) array of Qcoolbtn


QListViewEx Properties

Field Type R/W Notes
Parentpanel QPanel RW The panel which contains the listview and its header. The first thing to do is assign a parent to ParentPanel.
Header Qpanel RW Container for column headers
Colheader Array of Qcoolbtn RW Column header
Csv QSTRINGLIST RW Used to store data. It can get data directly from a file, Qmemorystream, Qfilestream (See Qstringlist documentation for details)
CsvFile STRING RW Filename of a CSV file
Separator STRING   Character(or string) used to separate columns in csv
FieldsCount INTEGER RW Number of fields(i.e. possible columns) found in the first string of csv
Columns_Count INTEGER RW Number of columns created with the addcol method (see below)
Flatheaders INTEGER   Determine if column headers have a 3D border


QListviewEx Methods

Method Type Description Params
Draw void    
Load Void Loads data from csv, separating each line in columns (using SEPARATOR)  
SortBy Sub (Criterium as String) See tutorial for details... 1
LoadFromCsvFile Void Loads data directly from csvfile, updating csv. Make sure the CsvFile Property is set  
FastClear Void Quicker cleaning function (not needed for long lists)  
Exclude sub (Column as integer, Criterium as string) Removes unwanted items searching for a specific value (Criterium) in the specified column  
AddCol sub (ColToAdd as string)

Use this one instead of the addcolumns method. To add columns, pass a single string containing headers captions, separated by "/"

Qlistviewex.addcol "First Name/Last Name/Address/Phone Number"

UpdateCsv void writes QlistviewEx data to csv  
Filter sub(column as integer, criterium as string) Keeps only specified items (see tutorial)  
SaveToCsvFile void updates CSV and writes data to csvfile  
SaveToFileAs void Save CSV to file (discarding QlistviewEx changes)  
DirecSaveAs void Saves QlistviewEx data without updating CSV  

The many ways to read / write data




CREATE form as qform
  Width = 350
  Height = 350
    CREATE list as QLISTVIEWex
    ParentPanel.Parent = Form   'note!!
    Parentpanel.align = alNone	'note!!
    left = 50
    Top = 50 'this should be .Top property, etc.
    Width = 250 'this should be .left property
    Height = 250 'this should be .Top property, etc
    addcol "City/First Name/Last Name"
    ' addcolumns "First Name", "Last Name", "City"
    Separator = "/"
    AddItems "Seattle", "Denver", "Durango", "Providence", _
    "Stony Brook", "Los Angeles", "Hicksville"
    AddSubItem 1, "1sdf"
    AddSubItem 2, "2sdf"
    AddSubItem 3, "3sdf"
    column(0).width = 100
    column(1).width = 100
    column(2).width = 100
    'Colheader(0).bmp = "Star.bmp" '  icon in a column!
    header.bevelinner = 1
    header.color = rgb(20,145,200)
    header.height = 25
    header.font.size = 10
    Draw             'update manually
    Top = 1
    Caption = "Load CSV file"
    onClick = LoadCSVFile
list.csvFile = "database.csv"
list.addcol "First Name/Last Name/City"
list.exclude(1, "red")' Unlike filter and exclude Sortby is CASE SENSITIVE
list.exclude (1, "White")
list.filter (1, "Red")
list.sortby ("City")' Unlike filter and exclude Sortby is CASE SENSITIVE



Not quite clear yet?

$include "Qlistviewex.inc"

dim form as qform
with form
end with

' First. We create a new QlistviewEx | - First Steps -
dim list as qlistviewex

' We set the parentpanel Parent window |
list.Parentpanel.parent = form

' then align the parentpanel to the whole client area |
' (but we could align it in any way) |
list.parentpanel.align = 5

' To put other components we use the Draw method. |
' the draw method is VERY important, because it's used|
' to update the QlistviewEx layout |

'Ok, now it's time to add some columns. Please note: | - Adding Columns -
'if you want the component to run correctly you have |
'to use this method instead of the normal addcolumns |
'as this method updates the Columns_Count property too|
list.addcol "First Name/Last Name/City"

' Generally, csv files use ";" as column separator, | - Separator -
' but sometimes we need to import files or streams |
' Which use different separators, like "/" or "," or |
' strings like "<thisisacolumnseparator>". |
' this is the purpose of the Separator property: |
' before loading a file, write this |
list.Separator = "/"

'Now we want to load some data in the listview. We | - Loading data -
'could use the file included in this package called |
list.csvFile = "database.csv"

'You see, columns are a bit narrow, so we would like | - Columns width -
'to do something like this : |

list.column(0).width = 100
list.column(1).width = 100
list.column(2).width = 100

' And then call the draw method. By the way... have |
' you already clicked on column headers ?!? Yes, they|
' start automatic sorting |

' Maybe we don't want REDs in our list | - Excluding items -
list.exclude(1, "red")

' Oh, sorry, we don't want WHITEs | - Reloading data -
.exclude (1, "White")

' As long as the program is "alive" (and as long as |
' you don't change csv) the csv property will keep the|
' original data, so you can use the load method to |
' reload data from memory |

' Now we want to keep only REDs | - Filtering -

list.filter (1, "Red")

' ** NOTE ** Filter and exclude are NOT case sensitive|
' so RED or Red or red or rEd is the same |

' Now we have to sort items by City. We have 2 ways | - Sorting -
' 1 - Click on the "City" column header |
' 2 - Use the sortby method |

list.sortby ("City")

' Unlike filter and exclude Sortby is CASE SENSITIVE |

' =================================================================|
' Changing layout and other capabilities |
' =================================================================|

' You can use QlistviewEx as a common Qlistview |
' component, so you can add/delete items and subitems |
' as usual

' The "complex" structure of the QlistviewEx component| - Header -
' allows a lot of extra properties/capabilities. For |
' Example, if we want to change the header layout we |
' can treat it as a common Qpanel: |

list.header.bevelinner = 1
list.header.color = rgb(20,145,200)
list.header.height = 25
list.header.font.size = 10

' or maybe we don't want to see it... |
list.header.visible = 0

' ParentPanel is a Qpanel, so we can do things like | - ParentPanel -
list.Parentpanel.align = 1
list.Parentpanel.height = 180

' Column headers are Qcoolbtn, so we can add icons, | - Column headers -
' and things like that |
list.Colheader(0).bmp = "Star.bmp"

' if we don't want flat column headers we just write |
list.flatheaders = 0

' if we want only the first column header to be flat |
' then: |
list.colheader(0).flat = 1

' ** NOTE ** this property will be overwritten every |
' time you call the draw method ... |

' IMPORTANT. You can change column headers caption |
' using the .colheader.caption property, but this is |
' not the correct way. If you want the QlistviewEx to |
' run properly, you must set column width and caption |
' using the QlistviewEx.Column() property and then |
' call the DRAW method.

' When you manipulate hundreds of items, and you want | - Fastclear -
' to clear the Qlistview, if you use the clear method |
' you will have to wait some minutes with a slow pc. |
' in cases like this you can use the Fastclear method |

' remember: it's not necessary if you have small lists|