QUICKSORTSORTING StatementWindows/Unix

QUICKSORT, aptly named, can be used to sort your arrays of any type, except Objects/UDTs of course. It, obviously, uses the QuickSort algorithm to perform the sort.

Syntax: QUICKSORT(Array-begin, Array-end, ASCEND|DESCEND)
'-- put stuff in A
QUICKSORT(A(10), A(500), ASCEND) '-- sorts elements 10..500

The pivot element in the above example is A(10), so if you want randomness, you'll have to replace A(10) with some random element from A(10)..A(500) in the above example. You can also sort multi-dimensional arrays and "span sort" arrays.

Span sorting:
           DIM A(1 TO 100) AS LONG
           DIM B(1 TO 100) AS LONG
           DIM C(1 TO 100) AS LONG

           '--- puts some values into array A, B, C
           FOR I = 1 TO 100
               A(I) = RND(50000)
               B(I) = RND(50000)
               C(I) = RND(50000)

           QUICKSORT A(1), C(100), ASCEND
           PRINT A(1)," ",B(1)," ",C(1)
As long as you DIM the arrays "side by side" they will share a contiguous space of memory, this means you can sort from the start of memory address A(1) to the end of memory address C(100). This technique is not recommended, but if you can find a use for it, go ahead.