RQASM- assembly language programming in RapidQ:
by Jacques Phillip 



RQASM is a way to add assembly language programming to RapidQ using the freely available netwide assembler NASM by Jacques Phillip. For demos on how to add and access global and local data in RAPIDQ with NASM code see:

RQASM requires a way to execute binary code contained inside an Array. This is done with the Windows API call:
 CallWindowProcA  this is usually for handling windows messages (like sendmessage) but will do the trick for starting your machine code program. You are limited to 4 parameters but see RQASM_Pointers.html for ways to use more parameters. Note using the CallWindowProcA to call a RqAsm procedure adds a 12000 processor cycles to your NASM routine. So the speed advantage is best for routines that are run a few times rather than over and over. Jacque "I spend a lot of time trying to call these RqAsm routine by a faster way. I failed ! ... but I still hope :)"

For floating point routines 
http://www.drpaulcarter.com/pcasm (portuguese and french versions available)

It is now 'ported' to RqAsm/Nasm. It's *MUCH* easier with an example :)
You can get that Demos at :

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