STRING$STRING Function Windows/Unix

A string function that returns a string whose characters all have a given ASCII code or whose characters are all the first character of a string expression.

Syntax: STRING$(count, byte)
A$ = STRING$(9, 65) '-- Returns AAAAAAAAA
Syntax: STRING$(count, string-expression)
A$ = STRING$(9, "ABC") '-- Returns AAAAAAAAA

The first parameter indicates the number of times to repeat the character. The second parameter can either be a string expression, whose first character is used as the repeat character, or a byte number in the range from 0 to 255 representing the ASCII character code.

RapidQ limits STRING$ to a 2K buffer and there's no error checking for overflow. For large strings use the SnakeDile fixed LIBs dated November, 2006 or later, which is also a lot faster, f you can't get the fixed libs, you can also patch it with this code.

FUNCTIONI gRQ2_STRINGex$(...) AS STRING 'FunctionI to accept byte or Char
    DEFLNG Count = ParamVal(1)
    IF Count > 0 THEN
        DEFBYTE InChar
        IF ParamStrCount THEN
           InChar = ASC(ParamStr$(1))
           InChar = ParamVal(2) AND &HFF
        END IF
        DIM tmpStr AS STRING * Count
        MEMSET(Varptr(tmpStr), InChar, Count)
        RESULT = tmpStr
        RESULT = ""
    END IF