Rapid-Q Documentation by William Yu (c)1999, Appended by John Kelly  Rapid-Q definitions

Internal Definitions

Rapid-Q has these variables already defined:
WIN32 is defined if you're using the Windows version of Rapid-Q
UNIX is defined if you're using the Linux/Unix version of Rapid-Q
TYPE is defined to replace the old style TYPE
Definitions for RapidQ.inc:
   __RQINC          'signals rapidQ.inc loaded
       (e.g. RapidQ.inc has the line $DEFINE __RQINC )
    __QBCOLOR        'signals RapidQ uses QBcolor(x) constants (in RapidQ.inc)
also see $DEFINE

Unhooking definitions
The term "unhooking" just means undefining a definition, ie:

This is the only definition that can affect your program when unhooked.
See the section on "User Defined Types" for more information.

Using definitions
Chapter 3 lists some examples on using $IFDEF and $IFNDEF:
    $IFDEF WIN32
         PRINT "I'm using the Windows version!"
         PRINT "I'm using the Linux/Unix version!"

Undocumented definitions

$option level ? 'e.g. $option level 3 for rapidq3.lib
$option xforms 'for linux
$convert delphi '??? what the...
$debug showdir 'shows directory
$debug workdir 'shows directory
$debug version 'shows version
$debug author 'shows author's name
*** undocumented variables declared by default

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