Unlike TIMER that is slower than about 15 milliseconds, microTIMER is a fast timer that uses the Windows high performance QueryPerformanceCounter. It returns a relative timer value with a resolution of about 10 to 7 microseconds. It must be called at least once before using so it can be initialized. 

Syntax: microTIMER
T! = microTIMER

Do not use microTIMER with QDXSCREEN.
          'sample code
          $INCLUDE <microTIMER.inc>
          DIM a as double
          a = microTimer   'always call at least once to initialize
          'wait for 3.5 milliseconds
          LOOP UNTILE (microTimer - a) > 0.00350

          'Sample #2 see speed of timer
          $INCLUDE <RapidQ2.inc>
          $INCLUDE <microTIMER.inc>
          dim debug as Qdebug
          for a = 1 to 25
             debug.Print microTimer
          next a