Rapid-Q Documentation by William Yu (c)1999,  John Kelly Appendix B: QD3DFRAME

QD3DFRAME Component

QD3DFrame implements IDirect3DRMFrame. All 3D objects must be added with a QD3DFrame.AddVisual to be seen. There is a hidden PARENT frame (not the same as the Parent property) that all QD3DFrames attach to and move with. The "Camera" is also attached to the hidden PARENT frame for you by RapidQ. The QD3DFrame basically holds the 3D transformation matrix for rotation, scaling, and translation (a 4 x 4 homogeneous matrix). There is no GetTransformationMatrix function, so always keep track of your coordinates for the QD3DFrame.  (also see D3D constants)

QD3DFrame Properties

ParentQFORM/QPANEL  (undocumented) Set parent property R/W

QD3DFrame Methods

AddFrameSUB (Frame AS QD3DFrame)Add a frame to this frame1
AddLightSUB (Light AS QD3DLight)Add light object to frame1
AddScaleSUB (CombineType%, X#, Y#, Z#)Add scale4
AddVisualSUB (Visual AS QD3DMeshBuilder/QD3DMesh/QD3DVisual)Add visual object to frame1
CreateFrameSUB (Frame AS QD3DFrame)Create frame relative to this1
DeleteFrameSUB (Frame AS QD3DFrame)Removes a frame from hierarchy1
DeleteLightSUB (Light AS QD3DLight)Removes light object from frame1
DeleteVisualSUB (Visual AS QD3DMeshBuilder/QD3DMesh/QD3DVisual)Removes visual object from frame1
LoadSUB (FileName AS STRING)Load a frame from .X file1
LookAtSUB (F AS QD3DFrame, Constraint AS INTEGER)Fix frame and constrain rotation2
MoveSUB (D AS DOUBLE)Moves frame (rotate)1
SetBackgroundImageSUB (Texture AS QD3DTexture)Add texture to frame1
SetBackgroundRGBSUB (R#, G#, B#)Set background color3
SetFogParamsSUB (Start#, End#, Density#)  (Don't expect this to work!)Set fog parameters3
SetOrientationSUB (DX#, DY#, DZ#, UX#, UY#, UZ#)Set orientation of frame6
SetPositionSUB (X#, Y#, Z#)Set viewing position of frame3
SetRotationSUB (X#, Y#, Z#, Theta#)Set rotation relative to X,Y,Z4
SetTextureSUB (Tex AS QD3DTexture)
SetTexture does not work, use QD3DMeshBuilder.SetTexure instead.
Add texture backdrop to frame1

QD3DFrame Events
EventTypeOccurs when...Params

QD3DFrame Examples
(see QD3D examples at rapidq.phatcode.net)

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