Rapid-Q Documentation by William Yu (c)1999, John Kelly Appendix B: QD3DMESHBUILDER

QD3DMeshBuilder Component

QD3DMeshBuilder implements IDirect3DRMMeshBuilder. This is the most important part of defining 3D objects in RapidQ. Either make a set of faces with QD3DFACE and then add them to the QD3DMESHBUILDER or you can load .X files or .3ds files if you have CONV3DS.EXE. See demos in DEAengine for sample code. If you want alphablending you must set (at least:)

 (also see D3D constants)
Add the QD3DMESHBUILDER to a QD3DFrame in order to scale, rotate, or move it around the scene.

QD3DMeshBuilder Properties

FaceCountINTEGER  Only of the last QD3Dface addedR

QD3DMeshBuilder Methods

AddFaceSUB (Face AS QD3DFace)Add a face to mesh object1
AddVertexSUB (X#, Y#, Z#)Add a vertex3
CreateFaceSUB (Face AS QD3DFace)Creates a new face with no vertices1
CreateMeshSUB (Mesh AS QD3DMesh)Create mesh from meshbuilder1
DeleteFaceSUB (Face AS QD3DFace)Delete face from meshbuilder1
GetFaceSUB (Index AS LONG, Face AS QD3DFace)Get a single mesh face2
LoadSUB (S AS STRING)Load an object file (.x file)1
LoadTextureSUB (S AS STRING)
MeshBuilder. LoadTexture(“ground.bmp”)
Texture file with a BMP  file (use w/ D3DWrap)1
ScaleSUB (X#,Y#,Z#)Scale object3
SetQualitySUB (Quality AS INTEGER)Set rendering quality1
SetRGBSUB (R#, G#, B#)Set object's color3
SetRGBASUB (R#, G#, B#, A#)Add color w/alphablending4
SetTextureSUB (Tex AS QD3DTexture)Add texture backdrop to object1
TranslateSUB (TX#, TY#, TZ#)Translate is a move operation but in 3D3

QD3DMeshBuilder Events
EventTypeOccurs when...Params

QD3DMeshBuilder Examples
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