Rapid-Q Documentation by William Yu (c)1999-2000 Appendix A: QPOPUPMENU


QPopupMenu provides a popup menu selection control. Note the menu does not disappear if the user clicks outside of the menu. there is no way to tell if the QPopupMenu loses focus. To close the QPopupMenu, use the .DelItems method to clear all menu items.

QPopupMenu Properties

Alignment determines where the pop-up menu appears when the user clicks the right mouse button.
0 = paLeft - Pop-up menu appears with its top left corner under the mouse pointer
1 = paRight = Pop-up menu appears with its top right corner under the mouse pointer
2 = paCenter - Pop-up menu appears with the top center of the menu under the mouse pointer
AutoPopup determines whether the pop-up menu appears automatically when the user clicks the right mouse button.
Handle is the Windows menu handle for the menu.
Tag stores an integer value, but is not used internally.
WindowHandle is the handle of the window that uses the menu.

QPopupMenu Methods

AddItemsSUBIAdd Item to MenuQMENUITEMs, Infinite
DelIndexSUB (index AS LONG)Delete items, by index, from menu1
DelItemsSUBIDelete items from menuQMENUITEMs, Infinite
InsertSUB (I%, Item AS QMENUITEM)Insert an item2
PopupSUB (X%, Y%)Popup menu at (X,Y)2

QPopupMenu Events
EventTypeOccurs when...Params

OnPopupVOIDJust before the pop-up menu appears0

QPopupMenu Examples
  DIM PopupMenu AS QPopupMenu
  DIM Item1 AS QMenuItem
  DIM Item2 AS QMenuItem

  Item1.Caption = "Item 1"
  Item2.Caption = "Item 2"
  PopupMenu.AddItems(Item1, Item2)


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