Rapid-Q Downloads

Windows (98 to Windows 10) package

Download the entire binaries, documentation, and example code:

Rapidq2.zip       (33 MB,   last update 2/22/2023 with new help file)

The zip file  contains executable applications. They are safe but you will have to manage your spam filter settings for downloading.

Instead you can load separate parts of the package in smaller amounts

* The compiler , libraries, and icons. Latest Libs
  (4.5 MB,  5/20/2013)

*Include files, I suggest you place the files in a folder named 'include' in the RapidQ directory
  (2 MB, 1/29/2021)

* Examples, lots, and lots of them
35 MB, 1/29/2021)

* The compiled html documents into one RapidQ.chm file (1 MB, dated 2/22/2023)
**note**  HLP files cannot be viewed in Windows 10 and have been deleted. You must right click on .CHM files and "unblock" them to view.

Windows 32 bit API can be searched here:
or here:

How do I install RapidQ?
Easy, just open the zip file and drag the RapidQ folder to your preferred directory (default for most installations is C:\
  - Run Rapidq.exe, load an example .bas file, then click the F5 key
  -  For advanced projects run FreeQ.exe

How do I uninstall RapidQ?
Just delete the RapidQ folder.

Linux / HP Unix / Solaris

Download  Rapid-Q for Linux/i386 720 KB August 27, 2000
Download  MySQL libraries for Linux/i386

Download  Rapid-Q for HP-UX 10.x 600 KB April 4, 2000

Download  Rapid-Q for Solaris/Sparc 750 KB August 27, 2000
(good luck buying one of these!!)

Here is an outdated version of Reshacker that works with older versions of FreeQ


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